Pacemaster Pro-Plus ELEVATION ERROR

Treadmill works fine except for incline. Actual elevation is stuck at 0 but the display shows it to be 15.0. If I press the down Elevation button after the treadmill starts or bring it down to 0 before it starts, the elevation motor jerks for a split second and then the entire unit shuts off. The error code is ELE ERR and the elevation display goes back to 15. Any idea how to fix this?


  • Sounds like a incline motor issue.
  • How would I check if the motor is bad?
  • file:///D:/New%20Desktop%20as%20of%205-25-2021/Old%20desktop/PACEMASTER%20MANUALS%20&%20TROUBLESHOOTING%20GUIDES/PACEMASTER%20MANUALS%20&%20TROUBLESHOOTING%20GUIDES/PACEMASTER%20FOLDER/Aerobics%20-%20Service%20Manual.pdf

    Look at section 2-12 to 2-14
  • Thanks but the link isn't working.
  • just emailed it to you.
  • Thanks...Manual suggests to first try a new wire harness, then new motor, then new power supply. I don't want to have to buy all 3 parts. The wire harness has an ethernet jack -- can I just try a CAT5 ethernet cable to see if it's the harness?
  • You can try
  • The harness is good. (BTW, I used a continuity tester and it's a 568B Rollover cable.)
    I also pulled out the incline motor. I then reattached the motor's wires to test it with no resistance. The threaded shaft did spin for a second but then it shut off and I got the ELE ERROR. The part that the shafts spins into to raise and lower the treadmill was at maximum extension as if the treadmill had bottomed out at 0 degress. Does this sound like it's the motor or power supply that needs to be replaced?
  • Sounds like its the power supply board.
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