Error 425 on a Pacemaster Gold Elite

After not using our treadmill for months, we immediately got an error 425 before the thing even started to move.
I verified the fuse. It is good. Bought a new one just in case. Tried it after unplugging the treadmill for a minute. Same problem.

The resettable breaker near the cable bulkhead is not tripped.

I noticed however that the electrical cable was pinched in the inclination mechanism. I had to disassemble the wormgear pins to release it. The cable was pretty flat with a thickness of about 1/8” while it should be at a diameter of 5/16”. I removed the exterior protection of the cable at the flat area, over about one inch long. The wire insulation’s were intact. No signs of shortage though the wires were quite flat of course. I use a pair of plier to give them back their normal round shape. Tried the treadmill again without any changes. Error 425. Could it still be damaged enough to trigger Error 425 while being good enough to supply power to the electronic board?

Any idea what I should do next? The maintenance guide doesn’t seem very helpful at this point...


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