Setting Distance Goals

What is it with treadmills manufacturers these days?

Five or six years I bought an $800 Pro Form treadmill that recently died. It had this nice, simple little feature: I could set a distance goal of, say, 3 miles and then the treadmill would stop when that distance was reached.

I've been investigating sturdier, commercial-grade treadmills ... and none of them have this simple little feature. They have all kind of fancy programs but I can't find one that I can tell "I want to run 3 miles and then stop". What the hell?

Does anyone know of any currently available, commercial grade treadmills that have this simple feature of letting me set a distance goal?

And why don't manufacturers include this feature as just a matter of course? Distance, Speed, Time: Choose two and go! I'm really dumbfounded by this.


  • Most treadmillthese days have a customer program where you can set the distance, or time
  • Thank you - I've been getting that answer a lot. There are many work-arounds, but I don't want a work-around; I want a treadmill that allows me to set a distance goal. And it doesn't explain why such a simple function - "Go 3 Miles and Stop" - is missing from all treadmills today. There may be one but I've yet to find a new treadmill that has this feature.
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