Nordictrack treadmill C2000 NTL 1084.1 starts then stops

Nordictrack treadmill C2000 NTL 1084.1 starts at high speed then shuts down after 2 or 3 seconds. What could be causing this?


  • Typically when this occurs, it is an indication of a short circuit in the Treadmill Motor Control Board

    Be sure to test the motor for a short-to-ground condition.

    Be sure to test the other electrical part to confirm they do not have a short-to-ground condition.

    Basically check for 8-12v on the red and black wires!
  • All I have is a 120 voltage tester. It lights up when I touch at the base of each wire on the board. Is there another instrument or way of testing this?
  • You need to check for volts DC on the black and red wires for the 8-12V. This is like checking voltage on a opposed to checking voltage on your wall outlet in your house. The logic board converts from the 120V AC from your wall outlet to the 8-12V DC to go from the logic board to the treadmill motor.
  • Power is ok and no loose wires?
  • did you check the belt and deck to make sure they were in good condition? when friction is high it can damage the board
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