Treadmill Running Hot

My treadmill motor heats up to the point the treadmill gives E02 or E10 and stops. I initially had this problem a long time ago and the motor ended up burning up a little so I replaced the motor to see if the previous motor is taking high current causing the overheat. Now after replacing the motor I still get the motor overheating issue but after a longer running time. The two solutions I am planning to do are to lubricate the treadmill and install cooling fans on the hood of the treadmill to make cooling easy for the motor.

You may suggest solutions from your side as well. Following are the questions I have.

1. I don't have silicon based lube available which is made for the treadmill so I am using lithium base grease for lubing the belt, I was told not to use it but no one is able to explain the reasons of why using it is a problem, after all the purpose is to lube the belt, its not rocket science. So am I good to go with lithium grease? And if not then why and what alternative should I use?

2. Will installing in and out cooling fans on the hood of the treadmill help with the heating issue?


  • I would not use the lithium. it's thicker until it heats up and doesn't provide the same lubrication as the silicone. The unit is overheating because of the friction between the belt and deck. I would suggest replacing the belt and lubricating with a water based silicone. Cooling fans will help but they are not addressing the issue why it's overheating.
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