Looking for wiring diagram for proform 5000

I just bought a used ProForm 5000. Blows the breaker and cannot complete a workout. Dug into it today, taking the cover over the motor area, and I have found two wires that are broke, one is obvious which is a green wire that grounds to the chassis, and the terminal that grounds it to the chassis has failed. The other one that I have not figured out yet, is a larger green wire with a yellow stripe that appears to run up the vertical bar on the right hand side to the console, but at the base where I assume it would enter the compartment that the motor is housed, it appears a mouse or something has completely chewed through the wire. It is easily repairable, but I cannot find the end where it terminates at the bottom. Does anyone know where I could find a schematic that would show where this would terminate?


  • can you get me the specific model number of the 5000?
  • Thanks for the reply, but I think I found where the wire was broke at.
  • Ok. just let me know if you have any other questions.
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