XTERRA Motor Control Board Question

Hello, i have a 3 year old Xterra treadmill. Recently the belt has started jerking at lower speeds. Initially when this started I lubricated the deck, thinking it was friction with the walking belt. It kept getting progressively worse and now the treadmill has stopped all together. I removed the cover and inspected the motor and drive belt. Both look fine. On the control board when the treadmill is running it seems power to the motor is intermittently coming on and off, which causes the jerking motion. As soon as any weight is put on the walking belt , the motor completely stops and I eventually get the Low Speed Error message.

I am not sure if the control board is causing the problem with the motor or if the motor is causing the problem, causing the control board to protect itself in someway by intermittently cycling the power?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


  • This is most likely the motor controller, not the motor. can you get me the serial number of the machine?
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