Proform Crosswalk Fit 415 issue - powers on but nothing else

I have a Proform Crosswalk Fit 415 (Model Number 831.24853.0). The unit does power on - the display beeps once and lights up when the magnetic safety key is applied - but no response when pressing any of the buttons. I do notice that if I place my fingers on the silver "pulse" readers, the display will show the heart rate but none of the other buttons work (incline up/down, start/stop, speed, etc).

I have unplugged/reset, all the ususal stuff with the same result. Looking for suggestions on what to check next.

If it turns out to be the controller board, I also would like to know which part number to use. The controller board is imprinted with MC2100LT REV ICON 2006. There is also a sticker on the side of the transformer mounted to the board which reads MC2100LT-12 226706, and there is a green sticker on the side of the aluminum heatsink which has MC2100LT-12. I tried looking this part up on SearsDirect and got a completely different part number which is 357333, now replaced by 405825.



  • You can check the wires for 8-12v!

    we have an updated MC-2100 that works better than the original
  • Thanks for the response. Can you advise which wires to check for voltage, or location on the circuit board? Can you also provide information on the updated MC-2100 please?
  • from the board - test the red wire & the black wire.

    You should have anywhere from 8vdc to 12vdc on those two wires.

    If you have that voltage then the console is bad.

    If you do not have the voltage then the motor controller is bad.
  • I checked the voltage. At the controller board without the connector I get 18v. When I plug the connector in I get 17.5v.
  • You should checking for voltage at the upper console on the 8 pin connector.
  • Correct, the 8-pin connector, red and black wires. It's the same cable, I'm just checking it where it plugs into the controller board. I did check both ends though - still 17.5v.
  • And you got 17.5vdc?
  • Then you have a bad console
  • Yes - 17.5vdc. Is there anything else I should check on the console itself? I did disconnect/reconnect the connector just to make sure it was seated properly.
  • Nope, its a console issue. That console is out of stock at this time.
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