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  • Yes Kevin we talked last week about that jumper wire, that is clear to me. However a new question came up about the ground wire , the old board has 2 green wires one connected to the aluminum plate and the other green wire connects to a terminal on …
  • sir; I received the updated MC-2100 motor control board - w/Transformer on 11/23/2022 I'm a bit confused... Your instructions read as follows; " Next, remove the blue AC wire from the CB1 input on the old board and put it on the AC input terminal la…
  • Is there any special lub for the walking belt?
  • I see amazon has a MC-2100 Board sold by treadmill Doctor will this bard work in my Norditrack model 30600.0?
  • Ok I tested my DC motor as described in your video and it runs using a 20 DCV battery from my cordless drill. I also found the Model number 30600.0 for my treadmill on the white manufactures Tag attached to the frame. Is MC-2100 the correct motor co…
  • My treadmill has a separate transformer mounted to the frame away from the board. do I remove it along with the controller? Is the new board a plug in and play or run. ? If this doesn't work what is your return policy? I'm more of a mechanical perso…
  • Kevin Where can I buy a motor controller went to e replacement parts they have it listed as Obsolete. Controller Obsolete - Not Available Part Number:248187