StarTrac ETR Walking Belt Friction

I have been running on StarTrac ETRs religiously for 12 years. Without fail, it always seems that the walking belt gets some type of friction issue. It will run fine for 3 months with a new beIt, then the issue starts. It feels like my legs are just pounding into the deck with each step, like all of a sudden my quads are being asked to handle 100% of the load vs the belt actually pulling my leg behind me. The deck isn't worn and the belt has 1500 miles on it, just waxed. It should be able to handle double that mileage. I also weigh less than 100 lbs, so I'm not overloading it.


  • Sounds like the walking deck may be worn out which is causing the belts to wear out sooner then they should.
  • I'm not sure it is a deck issue. There are some smaller grooves down the center, but nothing horrible.
  • Really sounds the deck needs to be replaced. I would try to lube belt with and that should be done once a year.
  • The deck should only be 6 months old. When I lift up the belt and feel the deck I do feel grooves, but they are only in the center and are hair width.

    I have tried the lube. Worked from months 3-5, but another application did nothing. The guy who sold it to me came out and waxed it. That also didn't do much.

    Is this normal behavior from Startracs?
  • No it is not.
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