recommendation for a compact treadmill?

Hi, I am not necessary looking for a walking pad or those under-the-desk treadmill, nor anything very compact either. I just need some kind of treadmill that can fold relatively flat so I can bring it with me in case I move. From my research, it looks like these things are not built as well as a standard treadmill and some are even hard to adjust the belt, unless we are talking about the ones in the range of thousand dollars. I am wondering with a budget of about $500 can I find something with these features:

-Can go up to 5mph
-parts are somewhat available
-I can change the belt or deck if I ever need without taking everything apart

Other than that I don't need any fancy technology, not Ifit or even bluetooth or anything like that

Any suggestion is highly appreciated!


  • Unfortunately, with a budget of about 500.00 it's going to be hard to find one that will last. A lot of people have purchased inexpensive treadmills from Amazon and Walmart but in my experience, they don't hold up and they are usually coming out of China and parts/support for them is basically non-existent. Personally, I would purchase one that is at least 1000.00. Look at the entry level machines from Nordic Track or Proform.
  • thanks so much. Can you give me some specific models to look at? Speaking of proform, I know of the proform L6 treadmill that can fold relatively flat, but it looks weirdly small for something not advertised as a compact treadmill Have you serviced this model or do you have any information on how to maintain it, i.e., changing belt and stuff?

    PS: why can't most standard treadmills be folded flat? Instead they are designed to be stored vertically and takes up lots of space and much harder to transport without disassembly? I am just wondering if there is a mechanical reason for that.
  • Check out the Horizon fitness evolve model. you are correct in that the L6 is a small footprint machine. I have not serviced either of these models and that is usually a good thing. Maintaining any treadmill is pretty straightforward. you want to keep the walking belt lubricated and the machine clean. it really doesn't take much else.

    With the folding treadmills you don't want to put a lot of weight on the console. it has a lighter design so that when it's folded up, its not to heavy to move. most treadmills that store in the upright position are somewhat beefier so that they can support more weight on the handle bars. That's not really possible with a lighter fold down model.
  • thanks so much. Do you have information on how to replace the belt/desk for either of these models (the evolve and L6)? If it is the evolve SG, I think that model is discontinued. The L6 does not seem to get very good reviews.

    I guess the thing with me is, I think if I stick with a reputable brand, the motor and console probably will last at least 5 years or more, but in that timespan, I'll probably have to replace the belt or deck at least once. I have seen some treadmills that you can open up just one side and take the deck out. If such a thing doesn't exist with these compact treadmill, I guess I can settle with a relatively small standard treadmill (like those without the gigantic dashboard) that is easy to take out the deck?

    I'll be asking a lot of questions as I do my research so I hope you don't mind. Thank you so much for your advice!
  • No worries. I have general instructions on replacing the belt but nothing specific to that machine. We recommend replacing the belts every 4-6 years.
  • have you come across Sunny Health Asuna or one of those Urevo treadmills? I have a Sunny Health standard treadmill before that stopped working after a year so I don't know if the brand as a whole is unreliable
  • I have and I have not been able to find parts for them
  • can you give me some standard treadmills to consider that I can take the deck and belt out fairly easily? Like the Proform 995 C in this video, I can just open up the panel on one side to take them out. Anything basic treadmills like that around the $500 range? Thanks

  • Just about every treadmill out there will be the same way. There are only a few odd ones that require any more than this
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    this proform is on sale. Do you carry the belt and deck for it and is it easy to change them like the one in that youtube video?

    ProForm Sport 5.0 Folding Treadmill with SMART Speed & Incline Controls

  • yes, I have that belt and deck
  • can you post the links to them and how to change them for this particular treadmill? thank you so much!
  • do you have the specific model number of the machine?
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