Nordic Track EXP1000i suddenly stops

After walking for about 45 minutes at about 3.5 mph the treadmill suddenly stops. If the power is shut off it will start right back up and run for another 15 minutes (my normal 60 minute walk time) with no problems. A new belt was installed about 6 months ago and I check the belt tension and lubricate the belt on a regular basis. Any suggestions of areas I need to be checking for problems?


  • Additional information: When the treadmill belt stops the control/display panel is still active and retains all the information up to that point.
  • how old is the walking belt? It may be that it needs to be replaced. Try doing an amp draw test.
  • The walking belt is 6 months old. Sorry I didn't identify what which belt.
  • When it hasn't been run the readings are in accordance with the test information. I'll check it again just after it stops next time.
  • ok, let me know
  • The treadmill is in the garage and as the temperature dropped from upper 60's to mid 50's the treadmill went two days with out stopping and stopped at 55 minutes on the third day. The only real difference in the amp readings between cold readings and when it stopped and was restarted was the numbers didn't fluctuate as much and were towards the upper range. Thanks for your help.
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