Rear roller bearings replacement (Sears part #152258)

Treadmill Proform J8Li Milenium Drive. Sears model number: 831.297990 (Year 2000)
Well with million of miles the rear roller bearings need to be replaced. The rear roller unit (Sears part #152258) is no longer available so I have no choice to remove the pressed-in plastic dust caps that cover the bearings. Any recommendation on how to proceed to remove the plastic caps gently? Best Regards and Thank You!


  • most rollers are not made to be opened... we have seen success with liberal use of lube on the caps before removing!
    be gentle and baby them... also be careful of the nylon housing inside...

    when you go to put it back in - use a rubber mallet and flat surface to gently tap and once again - generously apply lube
  • Thank you!
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