Help with E2:Overspeed error

I have an old True Z4 treadmill.

A few weeks ago, we started getting a "E2:OVERSPEED" error. It would happen several miles into a workout (but occasionally sooner). I found some service information for the error here:

We cleaned and lubricated the belt and things worked fine for a few weeks. I was able to complete several 5-7 mile runs. Today, the error showed up again about 2 miles into my run, and I was not able to continue. Turning it on and off let me run for 20 seconds, but it would error again.

I'm not a technician, but I'm not afraid to try things that are reasonable. I like this treadmill - it's very heavy and has a really solid deck - I'd like to save it, if possible.

Any help or advice is appreciated.


  • What happens if you let unit by itself with no one on it, If it runs fine and does not shut off then you know that the running belt would need to be replaced.
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