Spirit XT285 2013 Speed won't decrease speed or stop properly

The treadmill will start properly, increase speed from console and handrail adjustments but will not slow down. The console will show the decreased speed but the belt will keep at the speed set. It will also allow me to continue increasing the speed and keep up with that, only issue is decreasing. Also, when you hit the Stop button, the console will show Pause, but will not decrease the speed. I have to press and hold the Stop button for approximately 5 seconds and then it will come to a complete stop.


  • Would it be possible for you to supply the serial number for your machine?
  • SN-2858121310001341. I should note that I did replace the lower harness cable because it looked like one of the wires may have been pinched, but that didn't fix it.
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    please go into engineering mode to find out exactly which buttons do not work

    Engineering mode
    1. Remove the tether cord.
    2. Press and hold the START, ENTER, and STOP buttons and replaced the tether cord.
    3. The display will say ENGINEERING MODE. Press ENTER.

    4. Press the UP and DOWN buttons to scroll through the following sub menus:
    -Factory Settings
    -Display Test
    -Key Test

    5. Press ENTER to access the desired program.
    Speed Calibration – In this mode, you can test the speed.
    Incline Calibration – In this mode, you can test the incline.
    -Factory Settings
    This mode will allow you to view the Wheel size, Max inc, Max and Min speed.
    Use the UP and DOWN buttons to scroll through. (They cannot be changed here)
    Child Lock On/Off
    Press ENTER to turn on or off. To unlock display, press START and ENTER.
    Software Error Log. Press enter to view errors.
    Hardware Test. Press UP & DOWN buttons and FAST & SLOW buttons.
    Sleep Mode On/Off. Press ENTER to turn on or off.
    Units English/Metric. Press ENTER to change.
    Lube Message Reset. Press ENTER to reset.
    Odometer Reset. Press ENTER to reset.
    Pause Mode On/Off. Press ENTER to turn on or off.
    Return Mode O/Off. Press ENTER to turn on or off.
    -Display Test
    Test all LED’s
    -Key Test

    Press ENTER. Press all buttons on console. (If all work, it will say PASSED.)

    This will let you know which buttons need replacing!
  • I ran everything in engineering mode. There is no Troubleshooting option, so no hardware or software logs. The Key Test had me press each one then it just displayed Key Test when finished - no errors or no Passed.
  • Here is the number for Spirit - 1-800-258-8511
    We apologize for not being able to help you out more with your issue!
  • Thank you for your help. Unfortunately Spirit and Sole are not able to help either.
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    Happy Friday!

    Well, that is sad to hear the manufacturer cannot help! Have you tried to recalibrate?

    Calibration Procedure

    1. Remove the Safety Key.
    2. Press and hold Start and Speed _ buttons and at the same time replace the Safety Key. Continue to hold Start and Speed _ keys until the window displays “Factory settings”, then press the Enter key.
    3. You will now be able to set the display to show Metric or English settings (Miles vs. Kilometers). To do this, press the incline Up/ Down key to show which you want, then press Enter (The maximum speed value is displayed in the speed window, and the maximum elevation value is displayed in the incline window.)
    4. Grade return – On
    (This allows the incline to return to zero when Stop button is pressed. For sale in Europe, EU standards require this to be off )
    5. Press Start button to begin calibration. The process is automatic; the speed will start up without warning, so do not stand on the belt.

    If the calibration does not pass you may need to check the speed sensor alignment.

    Adjusting the Speed Sensor (read completely before attempting)

    1. Remove the motor cover hood by loosening the 4 screws that hold it in place (you do not need to remove them completely).
    2. The speed sensor is located on the left side of the frame, right next to the front roller pulley (the pulley will have a belt around it that also goes to the motor). The speed sensor is small and black with a wire connected to it.
    3. Make sure the sensor is as close as possible to the pulley without touching it. You will see a magnet on the face of the pulley; make sure the sensor is aligned with the magnet. There is a screw that holds the sensor in place that needs to be loosened to adjust the sensor. Re-tighten the screw when finished but do not overtighten.

    I hope this helps!
  • Thank you for your help; in the end, I went with the advice on this site for the signal generator test and decided to go with the new console. I ended up getting a new console (at a much cheaper price than what Sole/Spirit offers it for). Super easy to install and it solved the issue!
  • That is great news! Glad to hear you are up and running!
  • @heinzeroth Hi, i have the exact same problem. Can you refer me to the signal generator test and instruction to replace the new console? Thank you!
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