Nordictrack Commercial 1750 Touch Screen Display Battery Charge Dropping

I've owned my NordicTrack Commercial 1750 since September 2020. In the 5+ months that I've used the treadmill I've observed that the 10" HD Display 'battery charge' icon has slowly dropped over time. When I use the treadmill the 'battery charge' value does not increase. When I first purchased the treadmill the charge was 100%. This morning the 'battery charge' value is 55%. I'm concerned that the 'battery charge' value is dropping, as if it's not charging from the treadmill's electrical system. The treadmill's 10" HD Display is nothing more than a tablet that's been permanently installed on the treadmill console. While the battery charge dropping is concerning, I haven't had any loss of functionality on the treadmill. Has anyone else observed this 'phenomenon' with a permanently installed tablet on a treadmill console?


  • Hello!

    Can you check to see if you have 8 to 12 vdc on the red & black wires in the harness going up to the console?
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