Belt overused or Weak Drive Motor ? - NordicTrack

Hi everyone,

I got a C2200 Nordictrack Treadmill and it just stop after 20 secs on it. My wife can run on it without problem (150 pounds) but when I tried to walk on it (180 pounds), the belt suddently stops.

I have tested my motor with a DC battery, and the motor runs. I have changed my motor belt for a new one. I have calibrated the treadmill speed using the potentiometer to 16.0 kmh (10mph). I have lubricated the belt ( I've just put almost 2oz of lubricant). I have tried to loosen the belt until it slip...and tighten it just a little bit. I've connected the treadmill on a 20 amp...and nothing changed.

My motor pulley and the drive belt stopped too when the walking belt stopped...and the front roller stopped too.

I'm just wondering if it's just the motor that's is getting weak.. or the wlaking belt is a photo of the underside of the belt.

I have to check the wires for it the voltage that is supposed to reach the treadmill? I look for that at the end of the power cable?

Thank you!


  • Your belt is worn - you can tell by the striping - you need a new one!

    If you have your model number handy I can get you a link to the correct belt size.

    You did say in another post you had checked the motor correct?
  • Sounds like you walking belt is worn and you have a weak motor.
  • Thanks admin-it!
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