Roller repair


I have paused putting a treadmill back together with a hope that might be able to get a bit of quick advice.

I have a Smooth Fitness (maybe they are out of business now) treadmill that I am finally reassembling after sitting inoperable for a couple of years to see if I can get any further use out of it. When initially replacing bearings, I did not lube them even around the perimeter, so not only were they extremely hard to get in, but I damaged them as well so they did not last very long.

And when taking them out a second time, they were so difficult to remove that I totally knocked out most of the steel inserts in the ends of the rollers (with the bearings still in them). I did eventually manage to get them out. A couple of the inserts even got small cracks in them, but hopefully they will be okay.

Anyway, I have cleaned up the parts some and received some new bearings, and I hope I can avoid making any more stupid errors. I can either just plain press/pound the inserts back in, put some adhesive/epoxy on the way back in, or completely oppositely put a small dab of lube on just in case they ever need to come out again.

What is the proper protocol for such a repair? Also, each of these inserts has a random number of small holes drilled in their ends (some sort of balancing mechanism?) and I did not note either their numbers or locations when removing them. Is there anything I should try to pay attention to in this regard upon reassembly?

I am not really expecting to be able to get a whole lot more use out of it, but maybe I will get lucky for a little while longer if I do not goof up too much more. Any even very brief recommendations would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.


  • I would just lube aroung the outside then carefully use a rubber mallet and someting flat to tap them back into place. and then do the same thing with bearings apply lube or grease into the bearing cup, then gently tap in the bearings.
  • Thank you very much for your suggestion(s). I really appreciate it.
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