Treadmill problem please help


Have a Sears free spirit 30517 should be the same as horizon tm-145
Sn= tm189
Runs the belt for three or four revolutions then stops and just beeps until turned off
Have confirmed reed sensor on front pulley of belt is working with correct gap. Replaced the optical speed sensor and the motor control board.
Ran all engenering test and all led and buttons work. Nothing is stuck
Will not calibrate
The belt and the deck are not worn out and all of the above test and calibration is being done unloaded just with the belt and no person on it.
The upper console board has been discontinued and not sure if I could get a used one.
Thanks for reading and help


  • Yes and works good
  • It fails if run normally within 30-45 seconds
    It also beeps and locks up after the same amount of time if just turned on and not started.
  • Could be in the console then, is the mcb brand new or did you purchase it used?
  • MCB new. Console has been discontinued. Check all resistors and capacitors on the console board. Checks within spec.
    Also checked wiring from harness in MCB to console plug.all test ok
    When calibration starts it reads speed around 406 - 550 then when the belt speeds up it errors and beeps then stops. Also if you just power the treadmill up and let it sit then it starts beeping after 30-45 seconds
  • Sounds like a console issue.
  • I think your correct. I did locate one and have ordered it today. I will post once here and installed. Will see it in 2-3 weeks
  • After waiting 6 weeks they now say they can't ship it as it's discontinued
  • Upper Control Board
  • Sorry we don't carry that part
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