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Hi everyone.
I had a problem with an old Nordic Track treadmill back in November. I got in touch with someone who could repair it.
I took out the control board and sent it away. The gentleman who received it confirmed that the board was broken and needed repairing BUT the problem with the board could have been originated in the motor itself. For such an important item I contacted the manufacturer and they gave me very few options. Either send a technician to look at it as a very high cost or to buy a new motor. Since we are living in difficult times I would like to keep costs to a minimum and try to save the existing motor. I did a google search and found quite a bit of information but basically, if the motor is good it should work when applied a small voltage. I grabbed a battery charger and submitted a 12 v current to the motor and it immediately and happily started running. Further to that, I measured the internal resistance of the motor which gave me a legitimate reading, and also checked the resistance between one of the terminals of the motor and its chassis. The result was OL as expected.
So the question is: am I ok to assume that the motor is good?
One last detail I would like to add was that the battery charger that I used to feed 12 volts to the motor has an amp meter. When I switch it on the motor starts running and the meter shows a spike of about 15 Amps or thereabouts for a split second. The value then drops to 2- 3 Amps when the motor is rolling. Am I correct in assuming that the spike is normal and nothing to be worried about?
Many thanks for your help



  • Sounds like the motor is good, it make just need a new motor controller and also if walking belt is over 7 years old you may what to think about replacing walking belt and keep it lube once a year.
  • Many thanks for your reply. The treadmill is older than 7 years but it has only been used since mid-last year so I think I am good with belts and lube. I guess it's time o gamble, put in the controller board, and fingers crossed. Many thanks for your help!
  • You are most welcome!.

    Give us a call at 888-362-1105 if you would like some help with finding a part!

    Hope to talk to you soon!
  • Hi Admin-it
    Many thanks for your reply. At the moment it all seems to be good except that the treadmill is not performing as expected. I posted a new discussion today explaining the whole saga. I am searching the forum looking for similar problems.
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