Belt stops when using treadmill

Please help me diagnose my treadmill problem.

I have a ProForm Crosswalk Advanced 525i Treadmill. The belt stops when someone is using it after about 5-10 minutes. However, the console and power remain on. The belt rotates ok when no one is on it.

I have tried cleaning the belt and lubing it.

Any suggestions?


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    Hey and good morning!

    What is your complete model number?

    Let's remove the hood cover and check:

    1. When the running belt stops does the Drive Motor also stop?
    -If yes then it could be a weak Drive Motor or bad Motor Controller.

    2. When the running belt stops does the Drive Motor continue to run and also does the drive belt continue to run?
    -If the Drive motor still runs and Drive Belt does not then you will need to tighten down the Drive Belt or replace the Drive Belt.

    3. When the running belt stops and Drive Motor & Drive Belt continues to spin does the entire front roller rotate?
    -If the entire front roller continues to spin then you will need to adjust the running belt.

    -If just the pulley on the front roller continues to spin, then you will need to replace the entire front roller.

    This should help you trouble shoot exactly what is wrong with your treadmill, and remember to lube your Running Belt & Deck every 6 months.
  • Model # is PFTL59920.
    First, the drive motor stops all of a sudden just as if you pressed stop on the console, but the stop button is not pressed. There is a slight burning smell from the motor. Everything else stops after the motor stops, except the console which remains lit and functional. The problem only occurs when someone is on and using the treadmill. Does this answer your questions?
  • I would lube the belt very good.LUBE DECK
  • If that does not help it could be the walking belt is worn out.
  • OK - thanks
  • Need more help...It doesn't appear that the belt or deck are worn out. I cleaned and lubed the belt, and now the speed of the belt is erratic. Also, I don't know if this is related, but I can't manually move the belt when the treadmill is turned off.
  • With the burning smell you need to check for a short in the motor. You can run the motor with an independent power source like a fully-charged cordless drill battery to see if the symptoms are the same..
  • You should be able to lift the walking belt (with the treadmill unplugged) in the center of the treadmill about 3" without straining.
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