Any Advice? Also how do I align a front and rear roller?

I was trying to replace the rear roller and walking belt in my Horizon T101 treadmill. I was able to remove and replace the broken rear roller. However, after taking the deck and front roller the belt doesn't fit. I even called and gave the model number to the guy.

I essentially have two problems. First I forgot to mark the position of the front roller. I do not know where the front roller goes. I'm tried using a level though to make sure its level. The other problem is the belt I ordered won't fit. The worst part was that I told the guy the model number to get the right walking belt. I'm just frustrated. I watched a video and took apart the deck. Then, I reassembled the deck and put on the front roller. Finally I can barely tighten the screws or even get the screws on for the rear roller. I think I'll put on the old belt unless anyone has any advice before taking it apart again.

I put the old belt which is probably worn out and belt is moving all over now. Any advice? I'm not even sure what to do anymore.


  • What is your order #?
  • Is this on the box?
  • You just have to play with the one side of the roller that you can adjust, You want equal amount of space between the walking belt and the side rail. Example if the belt has a 1/2 space between belt and side at the front on the right side but at rear you only have a 1/4" spacing between belt and side rail. You will have to adjust front roller bolt that will allow roller to come closer to deck.
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