Healthrider h70t treadmill not starting

Everything was fine yesterday. When I powered it up today, I heard some noise , the LCD screen came on. I put in the console safety key, pushed start, but motor did not run. I opened up the cover. The incline motor has a fan at the top. The fan was turning. That was what is making the noise.
The machine is just more than a year old and was used less than an hour a day. My wife is the only user and she is a senior. She may only have changed the incline a few times. So the machine is not heavily used at all. Any suggestion on my next step ?


  • When you press the start button, does the time start to count up on screen? If it does then you have a motor controller that has gone bad, if the time does not start then you have a console issue.
  • I decided to test the incline motor. My treadmill was set on a small incline of about 10 degree. It is strange that when I remove the incline motor, the incline stays (i.e. I expected it to fall flat but it did not). Is there a locking mechanism that holds it in position ? With the incline motor completely removed, the treadmill motor runs when I push start.
    I suspect there is a startup test sequence which moves the incline up and down a little. If there is such a locking mechanism and it caused this up and down test to fail, it may not go to the next step of starting the motor.
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