NordicTrack Commercial 1750 - Short Circuit.

I have a NordicTrack Commercial 1750- I replaced the main controller board and after about 4 months I got a short circuits on the board. I did a couple of thing to try to isolate the short. 1) I disconnected everything from the board except the power switch and the drive motor and I get a spark as soon as I turn on the treadmill where the drive motor connects to the board. 2) I saw on video that says to test the tread motor but using a paperclip to jumper the motor connector and I do see there is resistance on the tread when I do that.

I hate the thought of putting this hugh piece of equipment the trash. Suggestions on what I have to replace to prepare the treadmill. I worry about just buying another controller board just to have it short again.

I bought the replacement board from treadmill doctor 10/18-2020. Don't want to by another just to throw bad money at it unless I know it is the issue.

Thoughts? other things I can check? Should I replace the motor/power switch?



  • Disconnect Drive motor and see if you still sparks as soon as you turn unit on. if not then it sounds like a motor may have gone bad.
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