Smooth 5.0p error 314 then 512

Hello, I have a Smooth 5.0p that when you turn on shows an error 314 in the Time window followed by a 512 error in the Speed window. No buttons work when its in this error state. If I run the calibration it does go through the incline and decline routines but the belt never turns. Any idea on what to check? The manual does not really cover any troubleshooting and I think Smooth is out of business. I am very mechanically and electrically savvy so have multimeters and other tools to use for any troubleshooting. Thanks in advance!



  • That is normally a console issue and those parts are no longer available, Yes the company that made that unit for smooth went out of business back in 2008.
  • Ok, thanks the feedback. Its too bad there is nothing I can do to fix or troubleshoot further. It was a pretty stout treadmill.
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