NordicTrack Model NTL99011.3

I recently moved my NordicTrack from our old location to a new house. I took the uprights and display off of the walking surface and unhooked the wiring harness. Plugged the wiring harness back into when I got it set up at the new location and the display lights up the motor doesn't turn the belt and the incline doesn't work. Thoughts on what the issue could be? New motor needed? New circuit board needed? Any help is appreciated



  • Hey congrats on the move!

    I would clean the ends of all the wires and try again - if that does not help...

    please check to make sure all wires are securely plugged in inside and there is not any crimping in the wires

    it could be your wiring harness is bad or

    It could be that the lower board is not sending voltage to the console and the only way to know this is if you have a voltmeter and can test the red wire & the black wire.

    You should have anywhere from 8vdc to 12vdc on those two wires.
    If you have that voltage then the console is bad.
    If you do not have the voltage then the motor controller is bad.

    (You need to check for volts DC on the black and red wires for the 8-12V. This is like checking voltage on a opposed to checking voltage on your wall outlet in your house. The logic board converts from the 120V AC from your wall outlet to the 8-12V DC to go from the logic board to the treadmill motor.)
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