Nordictrack X9i Display not working

Does anyone have any troubleshooting tips for an Nordictrack x9i console not working (completely dead).
Seems to be a power issue from the console controller to the display. There is a connector marked +12v, but only have 1.3v. The console controller has +12v coming from the motor controller. I don't want to replace the entire console. It is very expensive.


  • GM!

    Check to see if you have any light at the motor controller, and also test the upper console harness on the red wire & black wire to see if you have 8 to 12vdc.

    If you do not have that voltage then its a bad motor controller, but if you do have that voltage then its a bad console.
  • Did you check wire harness to make sure there is no cut wires in that 8 pin harness?
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