Horizon Fitness 7.0 AT Adjustment Bolt questions

Hi there,

when I was lubricating my treadmill for the first time, I may have over loosen the tension in the adjustment bolt and lost count of many turns I adjusted for both the left and right bolts (in other words, I did not count how many 1/4 turns I did). Does anyone know what is the best way to solve this issue and tighten the belt evenly? Thanks!

Right now it keeps slipping and the treadmill belt keeps moving to the right while I run. This is a brand new new treadmill.


  • here are the best 2 videos on adjusting tension!


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    Thanks for sharing the videos! They are very helpful!
    I’ve just got my treadmill delivered, and I don’t like the tension because it seems it’s not well-adjusted. Maybe they do it so it gets no damage when delivered… So, now I need to figure out how to adjust it and not break anything like I usually do. Even though I’m a woman, I do have some experience with bolts and nuts. Recently I got some from to mount a new TV in my kitchen, and that went pretty well.
    I will try my best to find the proper tension for my treadmill because it doesn’t seem to be that simple.
  • If the belt is moving to the right, tighten the right side a little. if it's moving to the left, tighten the left side. you should be able to lift the belt between 2-3 inches along the edges half way between the front and rear roller.
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