Vision Fitness X6200 Elliptical (2006) - disassebly to repair the flywheel sender magnet

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The console of my Vison Fitness X6200 elliptical (2006) has stopped displaying speed and rpm, and the time resets after 5 minutes, regradless fo the time length I choose.
I found a troubleshooting guide that says the most likely cause is loose or dislodged flywheel magnet.
The only guide I have is the parts diagram. The magnet in question is part R21.
i cannot find a repair / disassebly manual online, and Vision says they do not provide one because they do not want people disassebling the unit.
Wondering if anyone has gone thorugh the disassebly process to aceess the flywheel magnet, and could you provide advice or possibly a disassembly guide if you have access to one?
Thanks in advance for any help[ or advice.


  • we don't have any guides, but just need to take off right side covers and arms and you will see the flywheel and where the magnet should be, the magnet is just hotglue into place on the flywheel.
  • Thank you. I can figure out most of the right-side diassembly, except for the round plastic rotating disc/shroud coveing the flywheel assembly. After I remove the central axle nut, will the disc just slide off? Or is there anything else holding hte disc in place? Hard to tell from the parts diagram (for me anyways).
  • The Large disk has 8 screws that go thru the cross crank arm piecethat screw into the back side of cover. That crank arm usally needs a crank arm puller to get off.
  • I guess I should back up one step. Do I need to remove the large disc to get at the flywheel magnet? What all do I need to diassemble to replace the magnet? You said "just need to take off right side covers and arms and you will see the flywheel". What do you mean by "right side covers"? Referring to the online parts diagram, can you tell me the part numbers I need to remove? My unit is moder X6200HRT6, serial EP119D05110035.
  • You need to take off covers to get to magnet, magnet is just hot glued in place. Q17,J06,R06,Q01,J05
  • Ok so Q17 is the disc. You mentioned that you usually need a crank arm puller to remove the crank arm AJ1? Or am I misunderstanding?
    If I need a crank arm puller, what style of puller is it? The style with claws? Or the style that threads in and has a central push pin? If thread-in style, what is th thread size I need for the puller to screw in?
    Thanks again.
  • Crank puller;22mm
  • its style that threads in and has a central push pin
  • Ok thank you so much.
    You are very knowledgeable about this equipment, I assume you are a Johnson employee?
    This seems to be a common problem. Would it be possible for Johnson to post detailed instructions on the steps required to replace the flywheel magnet?
    I do appreciate your help with this, but even with all you have told me so far i as still not clear on the sequence of steps that I need to follow for diassembly to access the magnet.
    Having a set of instructrions that you could point people to would save everyone a liot of time.
    Thanks again.
  • I am not a Johnson employee, we do not have any further details that i could send you
  • Ok, thank you very much for your help. You pointed me in the right direction and I called Johnson tech support again to order parts. This time the tech support person was more helpful and he clarified the disassembly steps.

    On right side of the elliptical:
    1.Detach the pedal arm (the long metal part that attaxhes the crank to the foot pad) from hte crank.
    2. Remove the small plastic cap covering hte center axle nut (half-twist counterclockwise with your thumb)
    3.. Remove the center axle nut and washer (if present).
    4. Use the 22mm puller to remove the crank assembly from the tapered axle shaft. The entire assembly (crank and plastic cover disc) will come pff. This exposes the flywheel and allows access to the magnet and sender unit.

    The tech support person recommended replacing the sender unit at the same time as fixing/replacing the magnet, as either part could be the cause of the problem.
    The tech support person also said it may be necessary to remove the plastic trim shroud for easier access to the magnet and sender.
    The 22mm puller can be obtained from a bicycle shoip. The same puller is used o pull bicycle cranks.

    I hope this will help someone else who is trying to fix the same problem.
  • Thank you for posting!
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