Treadmill 'motor current too high' ERR27

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Precor treadmill c956 I purchased used 11 years ago.

After running about 3 miles, It gave an ERR27: 'Motor Current too high'. I let it cool down for 10 minutes, then ran another mile with no error. I did a cursory cleaning of the belt and deck and the next day, I got the same error again after 3 miles. Now I've removed the deck and thoroughly cleaned the deck, rollers, and belt with mild soap and water. I even gently cleaned the underside of the belt with soap, water, and a soft brush. The belt is/was maintenance free.

The deck has very light scratches that are visible. But if I run my fingernails over them, I can't feel the scratches. Does that indicate the deck is OK? Scratches on the flip side of the deck can be felt.

Even though the belt is said to be 'maintenance free', should I apply lubrication to it?

The belt 'seemed' to be properly tensioned. I had tightened it just such that it wouldn't slip. The motor is quiet. Several years ago, I replaced the bearings in the rollers. However, I don't think they were bad. I haven't measured the motor current yet.

I am now ready to reassemble the treadmill. But I don't feel as though the cleaning is really going to make a significant difference.

All advice is certainly appreciated.

Thank you!


  • GM!

    not going to string you along - there really is no such thing as "maintenance Free" - actually not taking proper care of your belt causes electrical issues...

    we suggest our lube as it actually repels dirt...

    here is a link:

    and a how to video

    let us know how it goes!
  • Thank you for reply!

    How do you know when a deck is worn to the point of needing replacement?

    Thanks again!
  • GM!

    Check for grooves or pits in the wood from the walking belt...

    I am attaching a picture of a worn deck - see if your deck looks like this! walking belt & deck.pdf?dl=0

    If it is worn you can prep the deck by making sure the surface is smooth. Sand down any grooves or pits and then you can cover the deck with our Mylar Fix Kit in order to provide a new wear surface for your belt...

    hope this helps!
  • The Deck does have some scuffing as shown on the deck you linked to.

    I measured current drawn by the treadmill as shown below. The treadmill is on a 20 amp circuit at 120 VAC. The motor is a 3.5 hp. Incline was at zero:

    0 MPH: .2 amps
    5 MPH: no load: 1.2 amps
    5 MPH: with 180# load: 8 amps

    Does that seem normal? Do you have a guess of how much the current under load will decrease after the silicon is applied?

    There was no error encountered since treadmill was cleaned. I did not measure the current before the cleaning.

    Thank you for the picture of the worn deck and advice!
  • Got another ERR27 today after running a bit faster. Current read 9 amps. seems time to apply silicon. Hopefully avoid having to replace deck and/or belt.
  • I would think about replacing walking belt and then make sure you lube it every 6 months. Once you've added items to your Cart, and you are ready to Check out and you put all your shipping info in. Use this code 1982 at checkout for a 5% discount on your order.

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    I put a little less than 1 oz (all I had) of silicone lube on about a week ago. I ran 4 miles at 5 MPH that day. The current was around 5 amps. That is a drop of 3 amps from a few days prior. So it seems the lube did make a difference !!

    Since the Precor belt was supposedly a "Maintenance Free & pre-lubed" belt, I had never lubed it... I bought it refurbished 15 years ago. It now has 25,807 miles on it.

    I am still monitoring the current used, but I no longer have a problem with over current errors and shut-downs. I figure I'll wait perhaps three months or until the current starts to increase again before putting another ounce of silicone lube on the deck.

    thank you for the advice!
  • Glad to hear you are up and running! Maintenance free does not necessarily mean maintenance free nowadays - sweet on the 15 years! Great job!
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