moving Precor treadmill

Hi all, we need to move our treadmill (Precor 425) to a different room in our house. I'm struggling to find any directions for relocating this type of treadmill. Weighs about 300 lbs. Only need to move it about 40 feet, to another room in the house, no stairs. Do we need to disassemble it at all? Will getting it onto a single furniture dolly (under the motor portion?) be sufficient? Should I do anything once it's relocated to ensure it is still in good working order? It was delivered and setup for us when we purchased it, so we have never had to move it. Thanks for your help.


  • GM!

    if you have measured your doorways and the treadmill will fit through them without disassembly and the treadmill does not fold or have wheels on the bottom then moving with a dolly slowly should be fine!

    wires being either crimped or broken is the biggest problem we encounter with moving treadmills!

    a basic diagnostic test when you plug it back in will let you know if something went wrong!

    if you have your model number we can check your owner's manual for the specific instructions particular to your machine!
  • Thanks so much, yes, the model number is TRM 445. No folding option and confident it will fit through doorway. Thanks again for your help. We purchased two furniture dollies and I was thinking we could maybe use a jack to lift it up and get it onto the dolly? Really don't want to hurt us, or it! Thanks again.
  • I read your manual and you are correct - nothing at all to help in a move ha!

    You sound like you have this under control!

    Once you plug it back up and it runs the diagnostics let us know if you have any issues!

    Be safe!
  • ok thanks much
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