new Nordictrack 2950 trips electric

Hi, I've only had the treadmill 6 days, installed professionally. I am using a new Belkin surge protector extension. Worked fine for 3 or 4 days/runs, then during an incline run it stopped abruptly and blew the fuse in the plug and also the Belkin extension. We replaced the fuses, it turned back on, the iFit software came back on the console, we did an an incline calibration, but when we started a run it tripped the electrics again (the RCD/house electrics but didn't blow either fuse this time). We turned it all back on, but subsequent attempts at starting a run even with nobody on the tread results in the electric being tripped immediately. Rang Icon/Nordictrack who advised us to plug it straight into the wall without using the surge protection (it still trips) and emailed us complicated You Tube videos showing us how to remove the hood and check for faults. Treadmill is guaranteed but can't bare to wait weeks or months for parts/servicing when its brand new.
The only other thing which may or may not be relevant is that the treadmill made loud thumping noises when the decline/incline was operational and the rubber floor mat was rucking up as the rear legs moved, we thought it may have been hindering the movement so have removed the mat, and when we now do an incline calibration there is no thumping noise (can't check if thats the case for incline while being ran on as the electrics now trip).
Any advice welcome :)


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