Treadmill scraping noise middle of a run?

I have a fairly new Sole treadmill. Probably between 100 to 200 miles on it. I’m getting a strange scraping type noise coming from the rear of the treadmill . It usually starts around mile 3-4 of a run and sometimes it will only last for less than a minute but will come back a minute later. I’m not running that fast either so curious as to what it could be. Any thoughts?


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    Check the drive system to see if any part is scraping on another part. The belt should be aligned, pullies should be aligned, and the motor fan and the "fins" that move inside the speed sensor are all areas to check. Check the belt guides under the treadmill. If they are too aggressively pushing into the belt, it can cause a whining noise. You can just bend the guides if needed.
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