Motor drawing too much power

First I would like to thank you for your educational videos on how to fix treadmills, and also this nice community it has helped me a lot. My treadmill was tripping the circuit breaker. I opened it first, disconnected the board power switch and it did not trip. then I connected the AC switches back to it after i disconnected the incline module and it did trip again, so after that I disconnected the motor from the board and it did not trip, so it means the short is in the motor, my question is do I need a new motor? or is it fixable ? My treadmill is Proform performance 650.

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  • Hello!
    I am sorry to say that you will need to replace the motor - there is not a work-around for this...
    If you have your model number I can get you a link to the correct motor and use discount code 1679188172 when you purchase!
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