Sole F85 vs TT8

Am choosing between these two. I read this thread and still have questions.

The decline function on the TT8 is not that important to me.

In talking to the rep, the main difference is the larger rollers on the TT8 and the reversible deck.

It looks like most other technical details are similar/same.

The TT8 is $500 more than the F85.

The F85 is the "new" 2020 model and the TT8 is still the 2019 model.

The reviews on Amazon of the TT8 seem a bit better than the F85.

Consumer reports rated the F80 slightly better (86) than the TT8 (84).

Is a folding treadmill less sturdy?

What other differentiating factors are there?

If my main focus is durability and longevity and a sturdy experience, is the TT8 $500 better?


  • The review you referenced does not offer a lot of useful information!

    we believe the tt8 is a little bit better unit but both are good - basically though it all depends on how much the machines have been used and how well they have been maintained since they were manufactured...

    -larger rollers do help prolong life and the TT8 deck is better... it is also a little heavier than the f85 (35 lbs or so)

    -a folding treadmill is not noticeably less sturdy than a non-folding

    -other differentiating factors include a larger screen on the tt8 / 425 lbs (TT8) to 400 (F85) weight limit / TT8 offers decline (you say you don't care but we have heard from a lot of people that get jolted by not having proper decline)

    but once again - it all depends on how well these 2 machines have been maintained and used since they were new

    hope this helps!
  • Thanks for your helpful feedback. I'm actually deciding on a new treadmill to buy. I'm leaning towards the TT8, figuring it will be more reliable and durable. I guess the only thing giving me pause is whether I want a foldable model or not (the F85). Given space constraints, it might be nice to have a foldable model. I just can't tell if I'll be disappointed in the lesser quality model.
  • Space constraints are a pain for sure! I am leaning towards the TT8 for you! Best of luck with your new machine! Let us know how it works out!
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