Nordictrack A2350

I own a Nordictrack A2350 treadmill. The past month while running the speed has seemed to speed up and slow down at random times. Almost like the belt was slipping for a second. The other day while running the motor just stopped. All other functions work to include the incline, but now the treadmill belt and motor will not turn. The main belt to the motor is in good condition. The running belt will turn if I move it by hand. Any idea on what part I need to replace? Would it be the motor or some other part that it broken and is there a way to determine what part needs replacing? Thanks in advance.


  • Sounds like a motor controller has gone bad, but you can test your motor to be sure. If you test motor and it spins it would be the Motor controller that would need to be replaced.
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    My wife has a Nordictrack A2350 that she uses and she told me last night that the manual speed button that increases the speed sounds like the typical click, but the speed of the treadmill goes from 1.0 to 4.0 or faster without touching anything else. The button is the right button on the handrail assemble of the A2350. All of the other buttons appear to be working as expected. Is there a simple fix for this? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • Good morning! What is your complete model number?
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