ProForm Pro 2000 Stuck in lowest Decline / Calibration Failed

Brand new, less than 24 hrs out of the box.
Turned it on, declined to lowest position, and now does not raise back up.
Incline calibration fails every time I have tried it, even after multiple power cycles, unplugging plugging back in.
Humming sound when calibration is tried then 'calibration failed'.

Is there anything I can try to fix this issue?


  • I would call them if it is brand new!

    here try this!
  • Thanks- they are sending me a new incline motor- hopefully it works...
  • In retrospect- shouldn't an item that costs >$1500 just work when new? Is the expectation that the purchaser may have to replace parts on a new item in order to use it as designed?
    Thinking about sending this thing back rather than replacing a motor and sensor on a brand new item. Thoughts?
  • nothing is perfect in this world - and while we strive to always reach perfection with what we do, flukes happen!

    I think you just chanced upon a dud!

    At least they are working with you - I have had heard otherwise at times.....
  • jamesthegray, wondering what the resolution ultimately was. I am dealing with the exact same issue and have replaced the incline sensor with no luck. Did a new incline motor fix it?

    Appreciate hearing more about your experience. Thanks!
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