Walking belt replacement - need advice

I recently had to fix my Sole F60. The motor died and the board had to be replaced. I also purchased a new belt since the old walking belt was worn. After watching many videos I was able to replace the motor, board and belt and get the machine running again. The belt moved just fine with no one on it and I was able to adjust speeds without an issue. I proceeded to lube the belt and gave it a try after adjusting the tension to what I thought was the right amount using the back roller.

The problem - as I walk on it and put enough weight down on the belt the belt will stop. It essentially gets stuck under my foot. I tried lubing it again and it improved, but the belt will still get stuck under my foot and proceed to whir until I lift up my foot.

I need advice. Should I adjust the tension on the belt? Do I need to lube it up even more? I'm worried about screwing up the machine since I've never replaced a belt on a treadmill before. My gut says to buy more lube, but I've never installed a new belt so I'm worried I could have screwed up something else.


  • does the belt run fine without anyone on it?
  • It does.

    I think I solved the problem. I read some suggestions about the drive belt being loose. I did not think mine was loose, but I took the bolts off the motor and pulled the drive belt a little bit more before putting the bolts back in. That did the trick. Now I just need to make sure I have the tension right, but the belt no longer gets stuck under my foot.
  • I have a few links on tension! great job on the bolts!

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