Need help making a decision ASAP Cybex 750T or 625T

Hello everyone. New member here and first time post. Just had a very important question.
My wife's treadmill died last week. She needs something ASAP. Ive been on the hunt and have narrowed it down to 2 models but I need to make a decision by tomorrow morning. Looking for something commercial duty.
I found a used Cybex 750T. It was purchased from a gym and is now being used by a personal trainer in his small fitness studio. It's well used, has some dings, wear, surface rust spots but my biggest concern is it has 2 humps/ruts in the belt so im guessing a new belt will be in order. The price however is very reasonable at $650 and it has a Cybex monitor on it.

The 2nd is a Cybex 625T. It is being used in a personal residence. I was told it has a total of about 20 hours on it and looks absolutely brand new. I guess the woman does not use it and her husband is renovating the basement. They have no room for it anywhere else in their home.
Yes it is a newer model, yes it is in like new condition. It is more expensive at $1500 but I feel more confident that this machine will out last us.

Pros- it is a newer model, is nearly new and is more elegant looking with updated display and rails/grips/buttons, is still in production.
Cons- More expensive, smaller 5hp motor

Pros- Much cheaper, larger 6hp motor, personal cooling fan, belt is 2" longer.
Cons- older unit, well used, belt may need to be replaced, deck height is about 3" taller, was discontinued in 2011

Which is a better or more desirable unit. Right now I'm leaning towards the more expensive 625T.

Thanks in advance, any information will be greatly appreciated.


  • With this choice it looks like spending more initially would be the better value due to non-manufactured parts being difficult to find in the long run to keep an older machine working.

    You have great choices here but in this instance, the new model sounds like the better deal!
  • I did go with the newer 625T. It's gorgeous, cleanest used machine I've ever seen. So glad I went that route.
    Thank you for your recommendation.
  • Awesome! enjoy!
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