Incline move a little up and down

NordicTrack 3Xi model NTL150085
Incline will move a little up then goes back down
-does the same in calibration mode
-Will not respond to up/down buttons on console
-When first powered up or in calibration mode will only move a little bit
1. Installed new incline sensor [NO GOOD]
2. Installed NEW incline motor [NO GOOD]
3. Control board has RED led on all the time
4. Control board has 2 red leds on while incline moves up the down and then they go off and incline stops



  • Sounds like a console issue.
  • Today I looked some more.
    --When trying to calibrate it says " calibrating" but does not show ----
    --Cannot move manual using incline up/down, it does make the beep like it is trying but
    no go
    -Both red wire and black wire that goes to incline motor both have 120 volts whenever it
    is on
    -Unplug one side and turn it on it does move but same thing a little ways and then stops, plug in other side and unplug the first one it moves the other way a little bit and then stops
    -Took motor off and put 120 volts on it and it runs fine does not shut off until I took
    power off, put 120 volts on other terminal and motor goes the other way just fine.

    Controller or Console?
  • controller
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