Is there a good fold-up treadmill for heavy/hard running?

I'm a fairly big guy, 6'1" and close to 280 pounds. I used to have a good solid treadmill (a PreCor 3hp unit) that I loved running on. It was a powerhouse. I ended up selling it due to going into disuse and needed space. Recently I've started realizing I need to get back into shape and want to pick up a treadmill, but space constraints mean that it will either need to a) slide under a bed, or b) fold up against a wall pretty darn slim.

From what I've been able to discern, the only ones I've found so far that will go under a bed are Walk-Only models, and the few Fold-Up models I've seen either don't seem to really fold very much, or simply don't look like they're going to survive under my runs.

Anyone found a particularly solid fold-up treadmill that might fit the bill?


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