LifeSpan Pro 3 Speed Surges

I have recently encountered a problem with my LifeSpan Pro 3 treadmill where after several minutes of use it will suddenly surge up in speed before calming back down to the selected speed. It is also likely to throw an E1 error while gaining speed after I have paused and then restarted a session after several minutes of use. A power off/on resets the error and it usually behaves if I start at a very low speed and ramp up slowly. This happens regardless of if the belt is loaded or not loaded. I have replaced the walking belt, lubed it up, checked the deck and the drive belt with both being in good shape. Any thoughts on what could be causing this? The surge up in speed is dangerous in that it can almost throw me off the treadmill!


  • Typically when this occurs, it is an indication of a short circuit in the Treadmill Motor Control Board

    Be sure to test the motor for a short-to-ground condition. If a motor short completely, it can cause a controller to short circuit and have a runaway condition like this.
    Be sure to test the other electrical parts to confirm they do not have a short-to-ground condition.

    Even if your treadmill runs away only one time and then returns to normal operation, we suggest replacing the motor control immediately because it is a dangerous proposition when this malfunction occurs and has been shown to have a quick recurrence with the same controller.
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