NordickTrack T14 Question about brushes

Dear all

following a long list of checks, the last thing that I need to check in order to try to solve my belt stopping problem is the motor brushes. I often read that lack of torque could be because of worn-out brushes. The actual post said that if I managed to slow down or stop the flywheel that is a brush problem. Well, I can easily stop the flywheel with my bare hands.

I managed to get a brush out and by looking at it I have no idea what to conclude. Since they seem to be inexpensive items I thought that if I bought brand new ones and replaced them no harm could be done.

The brush I took out has no reference on it whatsoever. I called the treadmill the manufacturer and much to my surprise they were of little, actually, no help. At this stage, I only want t know what type of brush should I order.

Here is the link to some pictures of the brush

You can see that there is no reference on it. Can anyone tell me if this brush is at the end of its life and, if so, what type of brush should I be looking for to replace it?

Many thanks


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