REX01HL Life Fitness Resistance Motor

Why on your site does it say the replacement Life Fitness REX01HL Resistance Motor ships in 3-5 days, when you know its on back order up to 5 weeks at this point?


  • Hello and thank you for sharing your concerns!

    Currently we do not have a way to adequately update our online presence with backorder information.
  • Thanks for the Speedy Reply.

    True that! Web Design can be challenging. It would honestly be a bad business practice to sell items as In-stock, when they are Not.

    So... why does your EBay Store reflect that you have over 60 of the same items in stock?

    Surely everyone knows how easy it is to edit an Ebay sales site.
  • I personally do not know how easy or not it is to show items for sale on Ebay but we do have a person that is responsible for removing items that are on backorder from our online presence!

    Thank you for bringing this to our attention!
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