Sole F83 motor replacement

I have an older F83 with a 3.0HP motor...can I replace it with a 3.5 or 4.0 HP motor from a higher model like the F85 or S77 and thereby benefit from the stronger motor to run higher speeds without overheating?


  • as long as you can find one with the correct mounts or be able to add brackets if needed you should be fine upgrading to a stronger motor! No overheating!

    Give us a call if you would like to purchase!
    800-750-4766 option 2
  • Slight correction, my treadmill is a F80 2012 model. If I got an F85 motor from the same model year, would it be a straight plug and play without requiring other mounts/brackets or modifications?
  • You still may have to modifty the bracket
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