Need an advice_Buying used Discontinued Treadmill True 500HRC

Dear Experts,
I need a very honest advice and recommendation about my interest to buy a used Discontinued Treadmill True 500HRC.
I am afraid if I will struggle in finding key parts exp. Belt, Motor etc. if I need to replace them.
Thank you very much in advance


  • No lie - buying used is a risk - we can find many parts but a lot of people are left out of luck when the manufacturer decides they no longer need to manufacture.

    There are a few sites that sell used parts but unless you are extremely mechanically inclined I would say at least buy a used machine you can find parts for if needed.

    You can check out reviews on treadmills at our site - we have not reviewed the True 500HRC,,,

    belts, decks, motors, safety keys are not as hard to find as control boards, consoles, rollers, and other integral parts needed
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