Tread mill not working. HELP!!

I have vision fitness t9550, I can’t get it to consistently work. It may run for 1 sec, one time it ran for 16 mins, replaced the console wire, and it’s still doing the same thing. I have one ground that I can’t find out where to attach it. The motor is grounded, the elevation motor is grounded then there is one more ground that isn’t connected to anything. Not sure if this would be part of the problem. Any help would be awesome! Thanks!


  • sounds like it may be a motor controller issue or drive motor, when you try to start it and your press the start button does the time start to count up?
  • Yes it counts up! It will sometimes turn on as it should, with a green light on the control board, but then something clicks and it just shuts down, but the display doesn’t change. It just acts as if everything is still working. Any help at all is appreciated.
  • Sounds like you have a bad motor controller
  • Can they be re built by an electronics guy?
  • Sorry, when you ask about the time, do you mean during the workout? Or do you mean when it’s counting down to start the workout? 3...2...1
  • When you hit the start button and it counts down 321 does time start to count up.
    if yes then its a bad motor controller and if its no then its in the console
  • I have a similar issue, my controller board is an MC2100LS, I'd like to get the upgraded one, but is there a difference between one that has a transformer or doesn't have a transformer. It doesn't look like the one I have has one originally.
  • If your old MC-2100 Controller has a Transformer that is mounted to the treadmill frame then you will need to unhook the two harness's from the old controller and tie the wires out of the way because they will not be used on the new MC-2100.
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