Proform Smart 2000 creaking with every step, now making a vibrating noise

Hello all.

I have a lemon of a treadmill it would appear. I received this treadmill in late August and since the moment I assembled it it's creaked with every single step I take.

I thought it was the breaking in process and let it go on for about 2 months before breaking down and trying to get help from Proform... which has not exactly been helpful. Since November 19, when I placed my official complaint with them, I've had a technician come out once for approximately 15 minutes, tell me the parts they ordered won't help, and leave. They haven't returned my calls to come back a second time.

Here's a video of the creaking when standing and moving slightly:
Here's what it sounds like when I run:

And now here's a fun new noise it's been making when the speed is at 6.5 mph or higher:

I'm at my absolute wits end here. I've tried to remove the motor hood and it's stuck despite removing all five screws, so I can't even look inside.

I've installed, uninstalled, and reinstalled the storage latch. I've lubed up the pivot points of the incline motor from underneath. I've lubed all metal on metal points I can see. I have zero idea how to troubleshoot the speed noise without taking off the motor hood.

Proform has been of no help and their technicians are more than 2 hours away from me and don't return my calls or schedule followup appointments despite ordering me more parts.

If anyone knows how I can fix this treadmill please let me know.


  • If you look at your owners manual on page 26 & 27 it shows what screws need to be taken out to remove hood cover. I can't really tell where the noisy is coming from sorry. If you don't get help from proform, i would contact your credit company and do a charge back unit issue is fixed.
  • So I have checked the manual and it does not tell me how to take off the hood cover - only that I should only take it off if instructed by a professional.

    Pages 26 and 27 don't have hood information and tell me how to use iFit and save a workout or use the machine. I used the Proform video to remove the five screws and it's still stuck as if there are two coming up from underneath, which I cannot see when putting the treadmill in the storage position.

    On page 41 of the manual I'm seeing the five screws indicated to take off the hood, but I'm also seeing two other screws and cannot understand where they're supposed to be and I'm wondering if that's what I'm supposed to be finding somehow?
  • Do you have the complete model number its located on a sticker down on the frame close to the floor when you fold unit up. Also you can look under the hood cover and there is a piece of paper inside a envelope that has the model number on the paper.
  • The exact model of my treadmill is PFTL13118.4. The manual I had notes the same number.

    So I had a second person help me and there are seven screws holding this particular treadmill hood in place.

    The five hood screws are the typical arrangement you'll find on all newer Proforms (from my research). When folding the treadmill into the storage position, on the underside of the deck you'll find a cluster of three screws holding on the side boards. The top screw in the three screw arrangement, the one closest to the motor, holds the motor hood in place. When a total of 7 screws were removed, the hood came right off.

    After meticulous checking, the creaking was coming from the screw holding the deck in place. We loosened it, lubed the screw, nut, washer, and foam piece and it relieved the squeaking nose.

    The loud humming/vibrating noise still occurs and I believe it's from the belt getting tighter with use. I have not adjusted this belt and have put 200 unbelievable squeaky miles on the treadmill, and lubed it with treadmill belt lubricant over the weekend to try and alleviate the vibrating noise to no avail. Tomorrow, I will adjust the belt a little looser and see if this helps.

    Thank you for being here and attempting to help!
  • Loosening the belt 1/4 turn on each side reduced the noise. After doing both of those "repairs" it now sounds like a normal treadmill. I hope this thread helps someone else in the future!
  • That is incredible news! Yay for the win!

    Sometimes it is amazing what the turn of a screw can do :)
  • Sprinkles, you said a screw holding the deck in place. Where exactly would that be?
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