Nordic Track A2350 NTL07007.0

I have had the Nordic Track treadmill A2350 NTL07007 for a long time. Recently while using treadmill it sometimes stops in the middle of a walk. I am assuming 2 things...either the motor is over heating and needs replaced or the belt need lubricant. So the question is what do I do? I think i can try to replace the motor myself but when searching I am having issues with a motor that states my exact model number for treadmill. I have however found the same model numbers of the motor. Will me buying a motor with the same model number as the current motor work even though it does not state that it goes on mg treadmill?


  • Hi!

    I would lubricate the belt really well before replacing the motor as they can be expensive!

    Here is a link for lube - ours is actually formulated to repel dirt:

    On motors - it just depends as the mounting brackets are in different places even on motors that say they are the same.

    Here is a link for the motor that fits all 7 models of the NTL07007:

    There are a few tests you can run to make sure of your issue before spending a lot of money

    cleaning the belt:

    Here are a few things you can look into to see why your running belt is stopping when you walk on the treadmill.

    Let’s remove the hood cover on your treadmill.
    Now run the treadmill at 2.5mph with no one on it and see how it runs.
    Now go ahead and step onto the belt and see what happens.

    1st Few things to look at when you’re running belt stops.
    When the running belt stops does the Drive Motor also stop?
    If yes then it could be a weak Drive Motor or bad Motor Controller.

    2nd When the running belt stops does the Drive Motor continue to run and also does the drive belt continue to run?
    If the Drive motor still runs and Drive Belt does not then you will need to tighten down the Drive Belt or replace the Drive Belt.

    3rd When the running belt stops and Drive Motor & Drive Belt continues to spin does the entire front roller rotate?
    If the entire front roller continues to spin then you will need to adjusted the running belt.
    If just the pulley on the front roller continues to spin, then you will need to replace the entire front roller.

    Let us know how we can help!
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