Help with main control board console connector

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I've learned quite a bit over the past week in hopes to understand why my Pro-Form 5000 treadmill console does not turn on.

As a background, I bought the non-working treadmill used, with hopes that I could figure it out, and lean something new along the way.

Model: PFTL15116.1
Controller: MC1648DLS Rev 4
Control Board:

In terms of symptoms, the control board seems alive, has a green solid LED, and a red flickering LED (very faint, no decipherable pattern). I used a battery to verify the DC motor spins, and has proper resistance when jumped. I then moved on to verify the onboard fuse, incline motor, and power switch. All appear to be functioning, but still no power to the console.

I completely pulled the cable that runs from the main control board up to the console, and verified continuity for each pin, and then verified there were no shorts within the cable. I made sure to firmly reseat the connector into their sockets as well, but no luck.

Now, I am at a fork in the road, I can either continue debugging the main control board, or I can move on to debug the console. I have been putting it off as it seems like quite a bit of work to remove it.

So, as a last ditch effort, since the console cable looked fine, I was going to check the 8-pin console connector on the main board. Without a schematic, I am flying blind. However, I do have a couple labels on the PCB that may indicate what each pin is:

The connector referred to in the image above has 8 pins, labeled:

1 (G)
2 (S)
3 (D)
4 (U)
5 (P)
6 (T)
7 (V)
8 (G)

I *think pin ‘v’ is for voltage? And maybe ‘g’ is for ground?

Is there any way to verify the other connections? I couldn't find a schematic online.

Note that as a test, I hooked a meter up to (v), but the voltage would constantly jump from 12v-15v. I'm not sure if that's normal, but it alarmed me enough to turn it off after I got the following scope capture.

Any help would be awesome!



  • You want to check for 8 to 12 vdc between the black wire & red wire. If you have proper voltage but console still does not light up then its a console issue. but if you don't have any voltage there then its a motor controller issue.
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